Sunday, October 7, 2012

High speed trains, really big buildings, and IKEA

I'm convinced there is no place hotter and more humid than Taiwan in August.

The high speed rail offers some relief as it whizzes us from Hsinchu to Taipei.

We are a roving group of Americans and Canadians and we are hungry.

So we head to Din Tai Fung.

We eat every kind of dumpling imaginable, and then some more.

We wander.

We watch.

We soak in this new country that is suddenly our home.

Everything is different.

Mandarin swirls all around.

How freeing it is to hear a million voices all around and yet understand none.

The smell, the sound, the sight: all different.

How lucky we are.

Stinky tofu, giant temples, towering buildings, and friendly people.

Welcome to this new life. 


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