Monday, October 15, 2012

Not so dreary Mondays, or Tuesdays, or Wednesdays, etc.

I've got my Monday game face on. It looks a lot like happiness. 
Without trying to, Sean and I have fallen into these routines. 

Normally, when a person says that, it's a bad routine.

But for us, now, here in Taiwan, they're kinda awesome.

Today is Monday, and to be honest I have a thing for Mondays.


Well, it goes a bit like this: you see, when I get home from work we hop on the scooter (I drive because Sean loves me and I loooooove to drive) and go to the gym, except not to do anything boring like use a treadmill.  Instead, we make complete idiots of ourselves and play badminton. It's pretty amazing. Especially because we share a court with very serious people who have matching outfits and wrist and head sweatbands.

That just makes it even better.

Then, we use the gym's spa-like showers and then scoot off into the night (Sean drives because by now it's rush hour traffic and he loves me enough to let me keep loving scooting by never, ever making me drive in rush hour traffic) headed towards our favorite Japanese noodle bar where I always get The Spicy Garlic Burns the Pork Chop Noodle and the owners are lovely and nice and smiley and then we walk next door for an ice cream black tea and stroll around Jeishou Rd until our teas are gone and then head home tired and happy.

And then on Tuesdays we have Chinese class. The mother of one of my students comes and shows us how to make fools of ourselves by trying to speak Chinese.

Our latest Sunday scooter exploration find: the 18 peaks mountain and a new view of Hsinchu.

And then on Thursdays we go to kickboxing. If there is anything funnier than five Americans taking a Chinese kickboxing class I have yet to see it, especially because Peter Pan and Steve end up dancing to the American pop songs more than anything else.

And then on Fridays we always, always, because we are just that stupid, wind up driving through rush hour traffic way far down Guang Fu to eat the best bacon cheeseburgers at Ricks. Because they are worth it. And it's amusing to wind our way through 4 lanes of traffic on our scooters. Because really, we are just that dumb.

Saturdays we play games and eat pizza with friends.

Sundays we explore and scoot around town.

These routines, well, they make our life here everything the states was not; there we lived to work, here, well, we live to have fun.

What a difference that makes.

Man do I love Mondays!

Most of our movie or game nights starts with a delivery from Domino's. 


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