Saturday, November 10, 2012

Getting lost then found

My mom flew in for a two week visit.

The first place we took my mother was Gu Qi Feng.

I won't lie: I have no clue what this place is supposed to be.

Museum? Maybe...

Statue graveyard? More likely.

So, anyway, we put my mother on the back of Sean's scooter and putted off.

But here's the thing: we didn't quite know where we were going.

A long story short is that I got separated from Sean and mom and ended up sitting outside of this really old temple in the Hsinchu hillside on my scooter until Sean finally picked up his phone.

It's strange but at that moment I knew I finally made it: accepting that Hsinchu was my home.

Was I lost? Yes.

Was I worried? Not at all.

I had a vague working map of Hsinchu in my brain and a cell with a bunch of friends' numbers. I was confident on the scooter, had a wallet full of NT, and simply wanted to find Sean and my mom so we could see this strange place we had read about.

It was a nice realization though.

Before, I would have been petrified about being lost, by myself, and on a scooter in the hillside.

Anyway, here is a bit of what we found once we met up:


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