Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas... Taiwan style

Anyone who tells you Taiwan, a Buddhist country, does not celebrate Christmas is full of it.

Did I work today, December 25?

I sure did.

However, I also received all of these gifts from my students (I forgot a few at school):

(Yeah, that is a $75 pashmina scarf... my favorites are the Smores poptarts and red polka dot mug)

And while this is our third Christmas overseas, it is different.

Things are just different now.

I know my family isn't having a nice little gathering.

Everyone is sad.

Well, except Bojangles.

Christmas came early for him: he got a squeaky toy from the states (and had no idea how to play with it) and a new forever home with an American family in Hsinchu.

So we've done our best to surround ourselves with friends and cheer.

Last night, on Christmas Eve, we walked down to the Royal Hsinchu Hotel with 16 of our friends and enjoyed a real Christmas dinner.

We laughed, we ate, and for a moment everything felt normal.

And tonight, we're going to our good friends' Luke and Jamie's to watch stupid Christmas movies.

It's not so terrible, this funky Taiwanese Christmas.

And, to brighten your holidays: here is the rock climbing wall Sean built in our apartment. And here he is making our friend Peter climb it. 


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