Thursday, December 27, 2012

The medicine of humiliation and laughter

Yeah, so we had this Christmas concert last Saturday.

It was a whole day affair from 8-4.

For months, each homeroom has been putting together a performance and practicing for the big day.

Before my kids left, they showed me their plan: a dance to Live While We're Young.

They were... um.... adorable.

Basically, my 8th grade girls were super into it and my 8th grade boys looked like they would rather go to the dentist and have their teeth pulled sans Novocaine than get up in front of the whole school and do this dance.

But they did it.

We teachers figured that if we made the kids get up and publically humiliate themselves that we probably should too.

Hence the video my friends made while we were in the states.

The kids loved it.

They were hooting and hollering and loved watching their teachers make fools of themselves.

The Christmas concert was my first day back at school and even though I was immensely jet lagged and quite sad, everything about that day made me smile and feel lighter.

So, without further ado, here's some of my favorite people:


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