Saturday, December 22, 2012

On going home

While Sean and I were in the states, we found ourselves quite surprised to think of Taiwan when anyone asked us how it felt to be home.

To be honest, the Pacific Northwest did not feel like home.

It felt more like an old friend's house.

It was nice to stop by but we were ready to go home, back to Hsinchu and our apartment and scooters and friends and kids.

Mostly though, I think it has everything to do with our friends.

In the past five months, we have made a little family.

And Sean and I missed everyone.

So it was a freakin' miracle when the second the cab stopped in front of our apartment at 7a.m., three of our friends suddenly materialized out of thin air, gave us huge hugs and then helped us carry our (50 pound) luggage up eight flights of stairs.

Then it was even cooler when we discovered they packed us an overflowing, mondo box of food: tortillas, Tillamook cheese, beans, scones, brownies, and more.

They also gave us a miniature Christmas tree to brighten our spirits and a card signed by everyone.

Basically, they cocooned us in comfort and care and let us hide in our apartment for two days while we tried to process everything that had happened and take care of business like laundry and cleaning out the fridge and sweeping and scraping the mold off our wall.

And then, when we were finally ready to join the world again, we all went out to Ricks and I got to hop back on my trustworthy (rundown) scooter and test out my new gloves and jacket.

They listened while we talked about dad and didn't try and make anything better or find the right words because who the hell are we kidding... there are no right words.

And then they laughed with us about the fact that we're having him mailed to Taiwan.

Completely absurd.

They were everything we needed them to be: good friends.

So I quite suspect they have something to do with why home is Taiwan.

(Thanks guys!)


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