Thursday, February 7, 2013

Old haunts

Sometimes, living day-to-day doesn't always pan out the way you want.

Sean and I were pretty set on staying in Railay until we flew back to Bangkok on February 12 to poke around some temples before flying back home.

But we aren't a huge fan of making reservations for extended periods of time.

What if we find a better place? What if we want to leave? What if we hate the place?

It was in that spirit that we left our trip open ended. But when we decided we would remain in Railay, we walked to the reception office asking to extend our stay when very kindly we were told, "Full."

No problem.

I am a booking master.

Agoda and are my bitches.

Until they weren't.

For some reason, Railay was very popular suddenly and the only open rooms costed $200 or more.

Yeah right.

When we luxuriate instead of backpack, we spend max $50 a night. And that's pushing it.

So we packed up our bags, which had expanded significantly due to this shopping sickness that had taken a hold of me concerning sundresses, and headed toward East Railay to catch a long tail boat to Krabi Town, an old haunt and favorite destination from our last trek through Southeast Asia. 

Sean and I spent 10 glorious days in Krabi Town in 2011. We loved the people, the markets, and the relaxed vibe the city exudes. 

The long tail ride was nearly empty; usually the captains (and I use that work loosely) wait around for 8-10 people to fill their boats but only three of us had materialized after nearly 30 minutes of waiting in the blazing sun.

So off we went.

Sean sat at the very front tip of the boat getting splashed by huge waves. The sea was angry and churning and the 40 minute ride felt like the coolest roller coaster in the world. 

I had the hugest smile on my face and we pulled into Krabi Town.

Everything I loved about the place still resonated.

Sean and I have this lazy habit of doing absolutely no research regarding the location of our accommodations. We simply write down the name of the hotel and hope someone can guide us in the right direction. Usually it works.

But in Krabi Town, the people really are one-of-a-kind. 

We walked into a travel agency right across from the pier with our overlarge, bulging backpacks and little slip of paper. 

The three women smiled at us kindly.

I showed them the piece of paper and asked if they have a general direction to point us in from the pier: right, left, of up.

They laughed, grabbed my bag, and threw it in a car.

Apparently, one of the ladies was heading home so of course she could just drive us there. For free. For no reason other than she wanted to.

So she did.

And as she drove, she showed us all around the city.

Sean and I didn't tell her we were actually quite familiar with it as we spent 10 days there just two years ago. We were simply too flabbergasted by her kindness.

We spent our time in Krabi temple hopping, stalking monks (because no matter how often I see them I am still mesmerized by their saffron flowing robes and stoicism), and becoming first class gluttons at the many night markets.

Even though we never thought of revisiting Krabi Town, it was a great stopover in the middle of our Railay obsession. 


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