Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday at the sea


Stray dogs.

Colorful kites.

Friendly locals.

Strait of Taiwan:


These are the sights of Nanliao.

This little sea village is a 40-minute scoot from downtown Hsinchu.

The route weaves through clogged city scapes, winds down abandoned country roads, whizzes past military bases and the most gigantic temples I've seen in this country, and heads west toward the Strait of Taiwan.

However, any tourist who went out of his or her way to visit Nanliao would feel duped.

And rightfully so.

It really, truly isn't anything extraordinary.

But for us, its slow paced, rough around the edges vibe is kinda why we adore it.

In Hinschu, it can be hard to find fresh air. I mean, sea swept (albeit from China) fresh air.

So once we parked our scooter along the water front, we took big old gulps of air.

And then we ate brick oven pizza, drank milk shakes, and thawed in the sun.

We walked around and received so many genuine nee hows from locals who made us feel a bit like celebrities while strolling around their worn and torn village.

We climbed a rickety ladder twenty feet high and dangled our legs off the side of a cement sea wall to take in the sights and sounds of Taiwan's deserted beach.

We talked about how some moments, quite like this one, make it feel unreal that we get to call this little country home.

So however dilapidated and insignificant this little place is, we always finds ourselves longing to go back.


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