Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rain, thunder, lightening, rain, thunder, lightening, rain, thunder, lightening, rain...

This four-day weekend has been a disappointment since I first learned about it two months ago.

You see, Taiwan is not really a take-a-day-off kind of nation.

Nope, it's a hard working nation where kids go to school for 200 days instead of the U.S.'s 180 and once there they spend eight hours as opposed to the U.S.'s six.

That said, every once in a while the kids (and their teachers) are thrown a bone: hence, this four-day weekend.

When we first found out, Jamie and I sat down to find flights to South Korea. Nope. Then, Japan. Nada. Then, Singapore. Zilch.

The issue?

Simple: every other hard working Taiwanese person gets this mini holiday too and they bought up all the seats on all the airlines.


So basically, we couldn't leave.


So then we started looking around the island. We've been here for a while and certainly have not seen everything there is to see.

Kenting. Penghu Island. Sun Moon Lake.

All of these places are a high speed rail whirl away.

Too bad the cheapest hostels were going for $200 USD a night.

Basically, due to the holiday, every hostel and hotel jacked up their prices. What was once a $20/night hotel turned into a $400/night scam.

Incredulous, we decided: fine, let's scoot somewhere new.

Pit, patter, pit, patter, BOOM!

Then, seven days straight rain, thunder, and lightening worked its way into the greater Taiwan forecast.

What does that mean for us, one day into our extended weekend?

Well, I slept in until noon and got caught in a downpour the one time I dared to scoot out.

So, instead I've been obsessing online over three things very near and dear to my heart:
1. Planning the first leg of our summer trip: Vietnam.
2. Getting great ideas from other travelers at
3. Polka dot skirts at

While it's not exactly the ideal way to spend such a rare and glorious thing as a four-day weekend, it's not all bad.

We'll hit up Taipei and Taichung and look forward to my brother's arrival on May 8 and our departure for Japan on May 15!


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