Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wrong turn at Sun Moon Lake

My big brother Joel flew in for a one-week visit.

We did all of the traditional things:

Din Tai Fung dinner with dumpling galore.

Scooter, scooter, scooter.

Taipei and culture.

But we also wanted to take advantage of his visit and go somewhere new: Sun Moon Lake.

From all of the reading I had done, it seemed like a great destination for a Sunday day trip.


Not that the trip wasn't great, but certainly not day trip great.

We got a late start (typical) and didn't hop on the HSR until 10:30. That wasn't too bad.

We arrived in Taichung at 11 and found a bus to Sun Moon Lake. I guess it was our fault for not clarifying. I anticipated a 30-minute ride. Two hours and many small towns and stops later, the bus ambled beside the lake.


We walked around the lake and were very grateful for the cooler weather and fresher air.

After a few hours, we realized, hey this will take a long time we should probably head back and thus began the four hour trip home.

Inclusive of getting on the wrong HSR train and everything.

I wonder if Joel will ever visit again?


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