Monday, November 4, 2013

Home is where the heart is

 ... and there it is: my mom!

She flew out for a short visit and it was wonderful to see her! I got to take a six-day weekend and we just got to spend time together.

And I know this may be shocking for some of you to hear, but I really like my mother. She's, kinda like, my best friend.

Before, when I lived in Washington, we would often go to my parents every weekend for dinner and my mom and I would have girlie days and shop and go out to lunch.

And I liked it. And I miss it. And I miss her.

Like, a lot.

So, it was really nice to see her.

Mostly, we just sat around on this very couch and drank coffee out of that very cup and gabbed and caught up. Ten months is a looong time, especially with everything that has happened.

But we also found time to go out and about. Remember, this is my intrepid mother's second trip to Taiwan.

We took her up into the winding hills to the weird statue graveyard place.

We weaved our way through Saturday morning traffic and popped by the flower market... and we even bought plants. I'm still skeptical about whether we are good plant parents. I'm thinking they will all be dead in a few months. Ce la vie.

She had a lot of fun riding around on the back of my adorable scooter. 

We had a picnic at the lake and Sean almost jumped into the murky, questionable pond to save a turtle that, as it turns out, was just fine. So all was well.

And now that will have to tide us over for the next eight months, at which time Sean and I will be heading back to the United States for our two-month summer break. And you had better believe I have a lot of plans brewing. 


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