Sunday, February 16, 2014

consulting the guidebook

The other day, my friend told me to look at the Lonely Planet Taiwan entry on Hsinchu. I was floored that there even was an entry on Hsinchu. I mean, I enjoy living in Hsinchu but I would never recommend tourists to come here.

What would they do?

I glanced at the four paragraphs dedicated to Hsinchu and realized there was only one tourist attraction mentioned: the Pu Tian Temple Complex. I wondered what on earth this complex was as I was sure I had never even heard of it let alone visited it in the two years that I have lived here. Imagine my surprise when two paragraphs in, I realized that I knew exactly where the attraction was and that I had been there three times myself. We went on a sunny December day and we even took my mom there when she came to visit the first time!

We just had no.idea what the place was supposed to be because it is so... weird.

As it turns out, it is a private collection of goodies that is open to the public. That is why there is no cohesive theme to the stuff collected there; the owner simply grabbed anything (including the statue of liberty + the thinking man) and everything (including terracotta warriors + dinosaurs) that he/she wanted.

And it is exactly its bizarre nature that makes it to see again + again and it is precisely for that reason that when we saw the sun was shining this morning, we grabbed our new Canon camera and scooted off into the mountains to be a tourist in our own city.


  1. This looks like a fascinating, although slightly random, collection of things! I think it's great that you were a tourist in your own city!

    1. It was really fun! We actually saw other westerners there who were on a backpacking trip through Taiwan and it was fun to walk around with them and see the temple with fresh eyes. They were in awe of the place!

  2. This looks so interesting. I love your photos. My fav is the one of the monkey sculpture

  3. Wow I really love all your colourful photos! :) I have a friend who taught english in Taiwan last year and loved it!