Sunday, October 26, 2014

to stay or go

Lately, we have been having some tough conversations.
They revolve around one major question.

Is it time to go?

We are on year three in Taiwan.
Originally, we had planned for two.
But sometimes, life has its way with you.

We love Taiwan. We love our friends in Taiwan. We love our life in Taiwan.
We love our scooters and we love the soup + dumpling stall we frequent regularly and we love the lake we walk around nightly and we love the track we run around daily and we love.... nearly all of it.

But this was never meant to be long term or permanent.
This was always supposed to be our first step, a literal foot-in-the-door of international teaching.
There is a great, big world out there and the plan was that by now we would be on country number two, school number two.

From the moment I stepped off the plane at Taoyuan Airport in Taipei, I was immensely grateful for the opportunity to live in Taiwan.
You could even say I was and still am completely smitten.
Even so, I was shocked when after having some of these tough conversations, profound heartache washed over me at the very thought of leaving this place.

During our years here, Taiwan has managed to become so much more to me than just a host country.
And I know that when we leave here, whether it be next year or in two, I will leave a significant piece of myself behind.

And when I try to think of what I would miss the most whenever we do decide to leave, a billion things came to mind.

Taiwan is probably the sweetest place we will ever live, ever.
I mean, just the other day, stopped at a red light on our scooters in the middle of a deluge, two elderly men rolled up next to us and were so happy to hear all about our experience in Taiwan. They spoke nearly perfect English and were so happy to hear we adored their country. They checked in with us to make sure we had done the essentials-- Din Tai Fung dumplings, Taipei, and Taroko Gorge. This has been our experience time and time again.

We will be hard pressed to find another country as welcoming as Taiwan to call home.

But that doesn't mean it isn't time to wonder: where to next?


  1. Oh man, good luck with grappling with this. I'm in the same space now (made easier by an unstable country, yay?) so I feel your struggle!

    1. We have the complete opposite: sweetest and stablest country ever.

  2. That is a tough choice. Where do you think you would go next? Would you go back home? It's hard when you feel so happy and settled in your adopted country.

    1. We are definitely going to stay abroad.

  3. I've recently had to make the same decision, stay in the UK after 4years or move home. We've decided to take that huge step and move home . It wasn't easy and the closer we get to home the more I feel that maybe I'm missing out by going home, but at the same time I feel it's time to take that step...

    And if i do end up unhappy at home I can always come back to Europe again

    1. I can imagine that was a hard choice to make. We are struggling with this choice: we don't really want to stay in Taiwan and we don;t really want to move back home. So, that leaves the rest of that great big world open. Sometimes, having too many choices is just as difficult as having too few.


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