Tuesday, September 5, 2017

baby update: 4 months

Before I get started, I wanted to thank everyone who reached out to me after reading my last update when Ruby was two months old. It buoyed me to know that other people lived through colic and GERD and survived! Things have, in fact, become so much better on those fronts, but before I get started on an update about her medical condition, Ruby wants to share some things with you all:

Hi everyone! 
I am four months old today!
I am often full of smiles and laughs these days 
(although I sure do know how to pout and throw an impressive fit). 
I love to babble and help mom read stories. 
I am trying so hard to learn to blow raspberries. 
I have rolled over all by myself four times!
I love grabbing toys and putting them in my mouth. 
I am teething and have four teeth coming in at once!
I love to eat and weigh almost 16 pounds
(and I left the hospital weighing only 6.2 pounds).
I am wearing 9 month onesies and medium-size diapers. 
I hate bed time and nap time and being snuggled.
I love my furry big brother, my mom and dad, reading stories, bath time, going on walks, and hanging out in my play gym. 
As you can see, I am pretty dang adorable. 
As far as the other stuff? 

Well, sadly, Ruby still suffers from reflux, but we have it pretty well under control with two medications that she takes multiple times a day. I am going to try weaning her at five months because I don't relish the idea that she is on medication at such a young age. If that doesn't work, we will continue to give her the medicines and try weaning her at the start of each new month. I hope she will not have to be on the medications for the entire first year of her life (although many of you who reached out to me told me that is what happened with your sons and daughters), especially because she seems to be reaching her milestones early. I know that when she can sit up, her reflux should bother her less because then she can manipulate her body to offer some relief. 

Ruby's colic has also dissipated (hallelujah!). 

She is a joy to be around and rarely cries when she is awake anymore. I am so relieved those days seem to be over. Ruby has been so much fun these past few months, and her huge personality shows itself more and more every day. 

Our biggest struggle recently has been sleep-- or the serious lack of it. 

Ruby has never been a great sleeper. She hated to be swaddled or in her sleep sack. We would have to do this frustrating and intricate dance to get her to sleep, both for naps and at night. It involved rocking, shushing, swaying, patting, and she still howled for 10-20 minutes each time. We would end up holding her in our arms for 30 minutes to an hour. When we would try to put her down, she would often wake immediately or within 2 hours. 

Everyone was frustrated and tired, and Ruby even had dark bags under her eyes. 

We decided somewhat impulsively to use the Sleep Sense method, which is a lighter version of the Cry It Out method. Our first night using Sleep Sense, she slept from 7pm to 6:20am and only cried for 8 minutes around midnight, but she managed to soothe herself back to sleep. The second night, she didn't cry at all and slept from 7pm to 6:10am, waking only once around 2:30 when she cried for a total of 3 minutes before falling back to sleep. I am so glad we decided to bite the bullet and do sleep training.

Hopefully when I check in two months from now we are all resting well and happy!


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