Friday, March 1, 2013

the dumpling house of the gods

Friday night.

There's only one place to go: Din Tai Fung.

This place is a world-famous dumpling house that opened its first ever restaurant in Taiwan.

This is the place you go after you've gathered your friends and loosened your pants.

This is the place you go to feast:

Dumplings, every kind imaginable, steamed buns, sweet and sour soup, peanut noodles, pork fried rice, steamed cabbage, pickeled cucumbers, shrimp rolls.

You cannot go wrong with their menu, which serves 50+ handcrafted, fresh, made-to-perfection dishes.

Tonight, the four of us ordered 15 plates and shared them all.

Chops sticks and soup spoons and small bowls and teaming dishes passed around the table; for a while all was quiet except for the clanking of cultery and sighs of appreciation.

Steaming mugs of tea were refilled and room had to be made on the table to accomodate the stream of arriving dishes overflowing with flavor and color and texture.

Some of our favorites are:

Steamed + garlic cabbage. Drool.
Spicy pork + spinach dumpling.
Pork soup dumpling. How do they do it??
Shrimp + pork dumpling
And for those of you state side, there are more and more of these restaurants opening each year. I know there are two in Seattle alone, which means this summer we can enjoy home and still have a taste of Taiwan at the same time! Check out their website and see if there is one near you!


  1. I love dumplings and I think I would stuff myself here! Thanks for the yummy pictures. I am drooling now!

    1. It's amazing how much I manage to cram into my stomach when I go to this restaurant. On more than one occasion my good friend has had to unbutton her jeans after eating at DTF :)

  2. I've never tried dumplings, mostly because I have a shellfish allergy so they scare me away. But the top three look so yummy!

    1. There are so many you can try without shellfish or meat of any kind!! My favorite is actually mushroom and spinach. So delicious! And DTF is really good about food allergies too. If you tell them you have an allergy, they will notify the dumpling masters.

  3. Dumplings are the best things in the world! Definitely one of my favorite foods in the whole wide world and they're always best in China! :) One of the greatest food memories I have is of a random street side shack in a small town in China where my relatives took us and that had the best dumplings I've ever had - and I've had many by now! :)

    1. You know, I had never really had many dumplings before moving to Asia. Now they make up one of my major food groups. When you can get 10 freshly made dumplings for $1, it's hard to beat!

  4. Replies
    1. Soooooo good! The problem is always trying to decide which to order.

    2. Just wanted you to know you are featured on Girl Meets Globe today with this scrumptious post! :)