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In July 2012, we moved to Hsinchu City, Taiwan. 

Since moving to Taiwan, our lives have changed dramatically. 

We had a daughter in May 2017 and acquired a silly canine in October 2016. 


Now we own two scooters instead of two cars.
Now we jet set often-ish and explore new corners of the world!
Now we eat way too many pork buns and so much beef noodle soup.
Now we don't have a dishwasher/dryer/oven and have creatively adapted.
Now we are very slowly learning to speak & understand Chinese. 
Now we really miss our families & friends.
But we've also met many cool new people too!

This lifestyle is not for everyone, and it's definitely not perfect or a fairy tale. If there is one thing moving abroad has taught us, it's that life is life no matter where you live.


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