Saturday, June 29, 2013

Moving day, Taiwan style

What a traumatic week:

Grades are due by Friday.

We're flying to Vietnam at 5a.m. Saturday morning and thus far only have our ticket to Saigon.

Oh, and we're moving to off campus housing.

You see, we live in a dump.

There's really no other way to describe it.

The outside of the building looks worthy of condemnation.

The inside....?

Well, that's even worse.

And, quite frankly, we simply cannot take it any longer.

Our kitchen stove and sink are held up on bricks, every creature imaginable has infested our place, and black mold grows along the walls.

It is long past time to GO, so earlier this year once we knew who was staying another year and who was leaving, I talked to the school's admin and got permission to take over our friends' apartment once they leave for Doha, so during this last week of school with a trip to Vietnam looming, we are packing up all of our things in black garbage bags and the two HUGE red suitcases we moved to Taiwan with all the while wondering: how does one move apartments in Taiwan?!

You see, I've never seen a Taiwanese version of a U-Haul, and all we own are two adorable scooters.

Then, in a moment of genius, I asked to borrow our friends' car, and stupidly, they said yes.


Then I told Sean that he would have the honor of driving said car.

He was not happy to put it mildly because, well, driving a scooter in Taiwan is intense.

Driving a car? Damn scary.

Plus, there is this small fact that we don't actually have driver's licenses.

Minor detail.

So here we are scooting and driving all of our belongings (which have somehow multiplied in the last 12 months) across Hsinchu City.

We are dead tired, we feel like idiots for doing this now, but despite the craziness of the week, it is totally worth it to move. Our new apartment's backyard is a beautiful lake, there's a Family Mart one block away so anytime an ice cream craving hits we're ready to go, and the apartment itself is cozy, cute, and not disgusting.

We're heading to IKEA soon to get a few pieces of furniture so once the place is dolled up I'll post pics.


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