Wednesday, November 5, 2014

life, in five words

Taiwan takes midterms very seriously. Elementary kids take midterms. So do my 8th graders. This week, I've had 60 English midterms to grade, 60 social studies midterms to grade and 60 short stories (mystery or science fiction) to grade. My palm has turned red, the color of this pen, because I have spent most of my waking hours with it clutched in my hand.

This man is my hero, seriously. Today, he woke up and went to work for me so I could sleep in, lounge around our apartment, take a bubble bath, read for fun, make scones, and then tackle some grading after having some down time first. Guys, this means he went and subbed for my middle school language arts and social studies classes. That's true love. He willingly spent time with my 8th graders, who I love dearly but I also know are rather...spirited, so I could have a break. Seriously, after 10 years, he stills finds ways to reel me in deeper and deeper.

We are considering moving to another Asian country for the 2015-2016 school year. So far, no official job offer has been made but we have interviewed for positions and should know sooner rather than later if we got the jobs. This is huge. We had no intention of actually leaving Taiwan this year but this opportunity was too good to pass up (if it actually pans out). I will save the finer details for later if we are offered the jobs, but I will tell you two things: one, it will make you scratch your head and wonder if we're sane and two, it will be one amazing adventure.

In 85 days, we are heading to New Zealand for three weeks with our good friends. So far, we only have our airfare. Originally, we were going to rent a huge camper van but due to cost, that won't happen. Now, we will mostly likely rent a small car and stay in cheaper hotels. This is definitely something that needs our attention as this time will fly by and we will be heading out before we know it!

I am in love with this soup. I tried it for the first time recently and, seriously, for 15NT (or 50 cents), it's amazing! I could eat this every single day for lunch. Its discovery was so welcome and amazing it definitely warrants a spot on my list, alongside major things like maybe moving and epic trips. That's how good it is.

What about you? What are your 5 words?


  1. How exciting about the job possibility! I can't wait to hear how it pans out. And good luck with that grading! I'm certainly not looking forward to grading when finals times rolls around

    1. So far, no good news. It looks like we are staying in Taiwan for one more year.

  2. I totally agree, they are crazy with midterms here!
    I think my five words would only be midterm five times :/

  3. I wish you luck in all of your endeavors! Good luck!!

  4. New Zealand is amazing! My boyfriend and I recently did a 2 week campervan trip around the South Island, I cannot recommend the South Island (especially Queenstown) and campervanning enough! You should check out Happy Campers, we got ours fairly cheap :)

    1. Yes, New Zealand is going to be amazing. I cannot wait!