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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

the story of the beer girl

She came to New Zealand with me.
What is she, you may be asking yourself.
She is a beer girl.
Actually, she is a can holder.
But I think it's clear she's an adult beverage can holder.
I mean, just look at her in all of her feminine glory.
So why on earth did she come to New Zealand with me?
Why did I allow her to take up precious space in my backpack?
Quite simply put: she traveled to New Zealand in place of someone who used her often but never got the chance to make his dream of visiting and living in New Zealand come true.
And that would be my father.
My dad grew up in Minnesota.
He and my mom drove their run down old car to the Pacific Northwest and stayed put.
My dad was a nature man.
He was at home among the mountains and water and trees.
And, for some reason unknown to me, he actually wanted to move our family to New Zealand at one point in time.
Obviously, that did not happen.
I am a Pacific Northwesterner through and through and glad to be.
But my dad talked about seeing New Zealand in a wistful way.
Now, even if my dad did not pass away, I am pretty sure he never would have made it there.
He was a funny flier and hated the cramped quarters of airplanes.
The flight from Seattle to Auckland probably would have done him in.

Regardless, I was going on an adventure and I wanted a piece of my dad to come with me.
So I tucked away the beer girl, which was a memento of my dad's life I took with me to Taiwan, in my backpack and off we went.
I think she had a lovely time seeing New Zealand's rugged natural beauty.
Plus, she was quite an attention getter!
She made quite an impression at Mt. Cook.
When we pulled over on the side of the road to marvel at everything that is Mt. Cook, she wanted out of the car too.
She is very photogenic so she definitely wanted to get her picture taken.
She definitely made some other travelers gawk and laugh as she posed on the rock.

The beer girl traveled all over the south island with us but then a real mystery unfolded when she disappeared.
We don't know where she went off to but we suspect she loved New Zealand's south island so much she decided to stay put.
Or as we hastily packed up our stuff in the middle of the gale force windstorm that collapsed our tents at Mt. Cook, she was left behind.
Either way, I think my dad would love it that his beer girl is a resident of New Zealand now.

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  1. This brought a little tear to my eye. It's so lovely to think a piece of your dad is where he always dreamed of being. Beautiful.