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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

climbing the steps of Lion's Head

Earlier this year, my friend and I set out on a scoot adventure trying to find this beautiful mountainside temple on Lion's Head Mountain. I had read about it in Lonely Planet and desperately wanted to see it in person. In the end, we stumbled upon it entirely by accident-- after all, the only location indicator Lonely Planet gave was that it is in some foothill. Not exactly helpful. We just kept scooting and scooting higher up into the mountains. I was so excited when we finally did find it! We had come to a stop sign, and randomly decided to turn right. A little around the bend in the road was the temple! We explored one main temple and saw one more in close proximity. I had thought that was it.

I was wrong.

I went back to Lion's Head Mountain last weekend with the husband and some friends. We discovered three separate temples all carved into the mountainside and greenery before finally turning around. Staircases built into the mountainside and forest led us from one temple to another. All boasted beautiful mountainside scenery. After the third temple, we spied some more stairs leading around a bend higher up into the mountains. We decided to turn around, however, because my husband's knees don't like going down stairs and rain clouds were fast approaching.

Now I am so curious: where do those stairs lead? What other goodies are hiding on Lion's Head?

Taiwan certainly does some things right. Near the top of my list are temples. They are ornate, colorful, and a little whimsical. I cannot wait to trek up as many stairs as possible here, hopefully seeing even more beauty tucked into the rugged hillsides of Lion's Head.

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