Sunday, June 5, 2016

a cat cafe in Kyoto

Has this ever happened to you? You find yourself walking down the street in Japan, hungry as can be on your way to a ramen house, when you spot a cat cafe and decide you just have to pop in for a bit... or, more like 40 minutes? I'm sure it's happened to someone else! It certainly happened to us.

After walking up the mountain behind the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, we wandered through the day market on our way to a ramen house that caught our attention as our train pulled into the station. We were maybe 100 feet away from the ramen house when Sean spotted a sign that said: CAT CAFE, and then lunch just had to be put on hold so we could play with these adorable cats.

This cat cafe was different from the one I visited in Taipei. In Taipei, the cat cafe is a restaurant. There are tables and drinks and food. There, you just pay for whatever you end up ordering. In this cat cafe, however, there was really no cafe at all. The only drinks were canned soda or bottled tea, and we paid by the minute. Essentially, the owners charged in 20-minute chunks. 

We still had a great time, and besides, we had our heart set on having ramen for lunch. My favorite cat was Bob. He warmed up to me the most. I tried to take a selfie with him, but failed pretty badly. We still enjoyed each other's company. 


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