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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

typhoon day, a false alarm

Well, hello again.

It's been a while.

Life has been a whirlwind lately, but the good kind. School ended. That was hectic. A dear friend visited us in Taiwan for a week. That was a blast. Tomorrow, we fly back to America for five weeks.

I have so much Taiwan to write about and show you, but I am going to start with the typhoon that never came.

Before my friend arrived, we decided that our one major trip was going to be to Taroko Gorge. I booked an ocean front hotel with a rooftop pool and hired a guide to take us through the gorge and all along the east coast of the island.

Then, I saw a weather alert: typhoon warning.

Typhoons normally are no big deal, at least to me personally. We've lived through four since moving here. Normally, they mean staying in doors and watching it rain sideways. However, I knew that was not true on the east coast of the island, which is where Taroko Gorge is located. In fact, when I last went to the gorge, a typhoon had just blown through and 10 foot tall piles of debris clung to the sides of the roads. Typhoons hit Taiwan from the south, and the east coast is right in the line of fire.

In the end, we had to cancel our trip to Taroko. The typhoon was set to hit the island on the day we were supposed to be trekking the gorge. At first, it looked like Hsinchu City was going to get a direct hit by the eye of the storm. We stocked up on food and prepared to have a lazy day, which we were not sad about because we had been scooting, chugging and taxiing all over the island.

However, the eye moved far south and only the southern tip of the island was impacted by the storm. We were a little disappointed. We wanted to see mother nature at her finest. Instead, we took our coffee to the roof of our building and enjoyed the spectacular clouds.

It only rained for about five minutes.
The wind was only slightly stronger than usual.
But man, those clouds.

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  1. Cloud watching looks fun! Sorry you missed your hurricane show but better that than getting completely blown away down a gorge! Hope your trip back to America goes well :)

    1. It was fun! And thanks-- I just got back from America and I had a blast :)