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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

the baby bump -- 8.5 months pregnant

Spring has arrived in Taiwan (finally). We have had unusually cool weather lately, which I am certainly not complaining about. However, along with the cool weather, we have also been getting a lot of wet and dreary days. I woke up today though to blue skies! We had a four day weekend, so a friend and I decided to take Bubu on a walk around the lake to snap some more baby bump pictures.

We live within a 1-minute walk from a really beautiful (and artificial) lake called-- are you ready for it-- Lake Placid. 

I love the lake mostly due to its beautiful architecture and lotus pond. I walk Bubu around the lake often, and in the past Sean and I would walk around the lake a few time a week while catching up and talking about our days. 

Today, the entire lake smelled so good because of all the vibrant and beautiful blooming flowers. 
I was slightly worried about bringing Bubu on this photo adventure. While Bubu is such a good boy, he is also a complete weirdo. He is super shy and sometimes does not listen very well. However, I am his favorite human and he sticks pretty close by all the time.

We tried something new today: he ventured around the lake off leash.
And you know what?
He totally surpassed my expectations.

He stayed with us the whole time and acted semi-normally around other people and dogs. Trying to take pictures with Bubu around required a little bit of finagling in the form of constant supervision and redirection and treats, but it worked out pretty well in the end.

And we were able to get some adorable shots!
The lake was fairly busy today because everyone had a four day weekend for Children's Day and Tomb Sweeping Day (I am not gonna lie: I have always wondered why these two particular holidays are paired together because it seems a little morbid to me). There were plenty of families riding bikes, having picnics, and taking their own pictures.

Like the last time we did a maternity shoot in Beipu, we drew a few long stares from the locals. I think mostly because I am pregnant and we had a dog with us. Most foreigners who are in Taiwan are ESL teachers-- a more transient and young population-- so they a. are not pregnant and b. do not have a dog. 

We also sat in the dirt and climbed on some ledges, so that also could have been the cause of some of the stares. Plus, I don't really think maternity photos are a thing here. Wedding photos? Yes. Baby bumps pictures? Not so much. I don't think anyone took pictures of us taking pictures this time though, so I will consider it a win. 
In the end, Sean surprised me by coming down to the lake. Despite appearances, neither of us are huge into the idea of getting our pictures taken. As a couple-- meaning in the 13 years we have been together-- we have only had one official photo shoot, and it was for my parents' wedding vow renewal ceremony. 

That's right: we didn't have any professional photos done for our engagement or wedding. We are just not those people. I think the reason I got into the maternity photos is because my awesome friend took them, and I got to take some awesome photos of her in return. 

I was totally shocked that Sean came, but I was so glad that he did! We got some really cute pictures of all four of us-- mom, dad, baby bump, and dog. 
We are getting closer and closer to my due date!
And then I will likely bombard you all with cute pictures of Ruby! 

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