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Sunday, July 9, 2017

to friends and scooters

One downside of expatriate life is having to say goodbye to dear friends. As we have been living in Taiwan for five years now, we have said our fair share of goodbyes to people we have genuinely come to love.

This time around, though, it feels harder.

One of my dearest friends is leaving Taiwan this week. We have spent the last two years playing tennis, going on scooter adventures, exploring Taiwan, and enjoying meals and ice cream and game nights together.

She is the kind of friend you vent to about life's ups and downs. She is the kind of friend you leave your six week old baby with so you can enjoy a meal out with your husband and mother. She is the kind of friend who is the first person (besides your husband) you tell you are pregnant. She is the kind of friend you talk to about your hopes and dreams. She is the kind of friend you have sleepovers and movie nights with even at 30 years old. She is the kind of friend who teaches you a great deal about friendship and love.

She is the kind of friend you want nothing but the best for, but are sad the best will take her half a world away.

Basically, she is everything a girl could ever hope to find in a friend.

It seemed necessary to take one last scoot adventure together before she heads back to New York soon because hands down, some of my absolute favorite moments in Taiwan have been spent on my scooter exploring the mountains with this lady.

Sean assumed baby duty last Friday so we could take off on one last adventure. It felt so good after mommying for 8 weeks to do something so baby-unfriendly. We scooted through villages and valleys, across wobbly bridges, and to the top of a random mountain. We stopped time and time again to take a bunch of pictures together.

I know that this was not our last scoot adventure ever.

And I know we will see each other again, either in Taiwan or the Pacific Northwest or the East Coast or some other random place & country I cannot even fathom at the moment-- and I hope that one day we will explore somewhere together again on scooters.

But until then, all I can say is-- here is to good friends and scoot adventures and dear husbands who make sure they happen.

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