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Saturday, September 9, 2017

a taiwanese kite festival

Nanliao is a little harbor village just outside of Hsinchu City. Really, it is nothing special. The beach is so-so, the views are so-so, and the town itself is so-so. Really, the only brag-worthy aspect of Nanliao is a wood oven pizza restaurant right on the water. However, we randomly found ourselves desiring to climb up onto Nanlioa's great cement wave breaker to watch the tide roll in and out from the Strait of Taiwan.

As we scooted closer to the coast, we knew it was not going to be an ordinary so-so day in Nanliao because we saw hundreds and hundreds of kites in the air. As it happened, we drove right into Hsinchu's 2017 kite festival.

People came from all over the island to buy, trade, and fly kites.

Kites of all colors, shapes, and sizes soared high up into the air. The kite festival is always held in Hsinchu, which is dubbed the "Windy City" of Taiwan. While we didn't buy or fly a kite, we were certainly amused by the ones we did see, especially the T-Rex and huge shark.

It was also really fun to see families having so much fun, and we certainly looked forward to the day we could fly a kite with Ruby!

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