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Friday, November 10, 2017

hu pan art park dog cafe

This week, my world was rocked. I have lived only a five minute walk away from a dog cafe for five years, and I never knew it until last Tuesday. There is nothing more Jackie in this world than a coffeehouse full of dogs. I just cannot believe all of the time I wasted going to cafes without dogs when I could have been spending my time here at the Hu Pan Art Park cafe. These people are so obsessed with their dogs that there are painting and sketches of them everywhere you turn. These are seriously my kind of people. I think I know what my life's goal is now: open a dog cafe where Bubu is the main star. Sure, he is a socially awkward dog, but I know he could rise to the occasion for me. Right, Bubu? Plus, Ruby had so much fun petting the dogs (and sometimes pulling their fur-- oops).

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