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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

christchurch botanical garden

I have a thing for botanical gardens. I love the one in Taipei and the one in London certainly left an impression-- or, maybe it was the swarming birds that left an impression?

Regardless, the botanical garden in Christchurch was like a wonderland.

At one point, we all ended up sprawled out on the grass just because it was there and we could. I mean, Taiwan doesn't really do lush, soft patches of grass (without the threat of snakes or other creepy crawlies, anyway). Plus, we live in an urban jungle. Our opportunities to sprawl out on any grass or anywhere clean & natural are quite limited, so you had better believe we spent a good portion of our time in the garden just relishing in the feeling of grass squished in between our toes and looking up at the blue, clear sky without any trace of pollution.

I don't know about everyone else, but this was when it really sank in that I flew across the world and hey-- I really was in New Zealand! 

We took the adorable tram to the garden and spent a few hours walking around, listening to live music and soaking up the fresh air and sun rays and admiring the shocking blueness of the blue sky.

Walking into the garden was a surreal experience.

We had wandered around Christchurch before hitting up the garden-- we saw destruction and devastation everywhere countered by resilience and the beauty of the human spirit, but then we walked into the entrance of the garden and suddenly everything was pristine and beautiful and whole.

Christchurch Botanical Garden is an oasis in the middle of the recovering city.
What is your favorite city garden??

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  1. This looks absolutely beautiful, some gorgeous photos. I do love the peace of botanical gardens, as you say, somewhere to slow down, walk barefoot, relax and breathe. This one definitely needs to be on my list when I finally make it back to NZ. Thanks for linking up to #citytripping

  2. Am very envious - really would love to visit New Zealand. It looks so fresh and spacious and these gardens look so lush: no wonder you wanted to wiggle your toes in the grass.
    We've been to a few city gardens - Madrid and Oslo come to mind as very special.