Monday, April 13, 2015

married with backpacks

One of my favorite aspects of globetrotting is getting to do it with this guy, my husband of nearly 6 years who was also my beau for the previous 5 before marriage. 
He and I travel for completely different reasons.
I travel because I just have to; gypsy is in my blood.
He travels because he has to; he married a gypsy.
But seriously, we are drawn to such different things when we travel.
Because of that, I get to experience so many cool things I never would if I was on my own.
Take this rock, for example.
This ginormous bolder is in Queenstown, New Zealand.
While strolling the lakeside to walk off lunch and snap photos, we passed this rock.
I kept walking.
My husband, however, immediately went to the rock and began climbing all over it.
Eventually I wandered over to snap some photos of him being all manly and cool.
Then he made me put away my camera and climb all over it too.
The view from up top was spectacular. 
And it was so much fun.
It was kinda like being in elementary school again and playing on the jungle gym during recess. 
It turned my lakefront walk from a task-- taking photos-- to a fun experience, goofing around with my guy and playing on top of a massive bolder.
We sat up top and admired the view and people watched and I felt, not for the first time, very lucky to have such a great travel partner.
One who is so different from me, but wants to always include me in the fun.
One who will let me snap away, but also remind me to put the camera down.
I know couple travel is not everyone's thing, but I do have to say that my globetrots are much richer because of him. 


  1. This story resonates so well with me. Something similar happened to me when I was in Tofino recently with a new guy I'm dating. I never would have thought to climb up this massive rock, but he wanted to. I put on my big girl pants, tucked my camera away and followed him up as well. Best idea ever! The view was amazing. Getting back down wasn't as fun though, but I'm glad I did it. Hurray for people always pushing us to be more than ourselves :)

    1. It sounds like our men folk have a lot in common, so I think it's fair for me to say you're one lucky girl!

  2. This is such a lovely post. I like that your husband can help you push your boundaries, or make you see things through a different lens (ie no lense!)

    Yesterday, I chickened out of climbing a big rock and now I'm regretting it. I'm going to have to ask ,my husband to take me back so I can do it this time.

    1. Yes, my man is so good at that! And next time, totally climb the rock!! It's worth it, even when you get stuck at the top. My guy can always find a way to get me down :)