Saturday, January 16, 2016

a belated new year

So, it's January 17th. 
Does that mean it's too late to wish everyone a happy new year?
I guess I kinda fell off the face of the blogger planet for a whole month.
But that's just life when you're a busy gal.

Let me get you all caught up.


We spent Christmas at work:
We woke up really, really early and got breakfast at 6am with a bunch of friends from school to make the day seem special. It was actually really fun. I kinda think we should have an early-morning-before-school breakfast monthly.

In total, between my husband and I, we got 15 boxes of chocolate, 10 bags of coffee and my favorite: 6 mugs! We had to clear off another shelf in our kitchen. My favorites are always the sweet notes my kiddos give me though!

If Christmas is about spending time with people you like, I guess I am pretty lucky to say that even though I spent Christmas at school, I still spent the entire day surrounded by people I genuinely enjoy.

In class, we watched Peanuts. Really. How much complaining can I do?

On New Year's Day, we bought a new (amazing) couch from IKEA:

Does that answer the question a bunch of people have been asking: Are you staying in Taiwan??


We will be in Taiwan until July 2017 for sure. After that, who knows?

We had a fur ball invade our apartment for a week, and I was in heaven:
Our friends went to Bangkok for a week, and we got to take care of their cat Blanca. Blanca has been our house guest before, and we love having her! She is adorable and fluffy and sweet and spicy. Every morning, I would walk into the living room and she would pounce on me, ready to play. Every night when I went to sleep, she would curl up at the bottom of my bed.

Although, we did spend 2+ hours vacuuming trying to get her hair off the couch and carpet, and oddly enough, off the ceiling fan.

Our nights and weekends have been a constant stream of friends and gatherings (and s'mores):
And that's been awesome!
I've had sleepovers (who says 29 is too old for a pajama party?!) and late night conversations on the roof top and lots of dinners out and fun gatherings and s'mores made in the toaster oven.

But we are both sooooo tired.
I think we need a few days to laze around in our pajamas.
But that is definitely in our near future because...

Winter break starts this week, and we will have 27 days off in a row!!!
We will sleep in, travel Taiwan and hopefully pay off 2 of Sean's 4 student loans!

Right now, our only concrete plan is for Thursday morning, our first official day of break. It involves waking up early, walking downtown and trying out a bunch of different breakfast stalls and juice stalls we've been eyeing for years but have never tried. Most of these places cannot be called restaurants; instead, they are more like food trucks. We will grab a snack from one, walk a block, grab a snack from another, walk a block-- on and on down the road.

It's the strangest plan I've ever had for the first day of break, which in the past has always been head to the airport to go to _____________, Thailand, Bali, or New Zealand. But I am strangely okay with our strange plan for Thursday, and then complete lack of plans until late February.

And also, here is a bunch of pictures I wanted to share last year but never did. Oops. 

Well, the cat is Blanca. She is my favorite furry house guest.

There are some pictures of Sean's classroom, but they were all taken before the little monsters actually started school. So, his classroom is not this barren (or organized) today.

Others are of our apartment. We brought back lots of fun things to decorate with. It is always a top priority for me to make my house (or apartment) a home.

Also, there is a picture of my chocolate chip-oat-peanut butter bites. They are amazing. They make life worth living.

Oh, there is a pictures of our Christmas tree too. We actually lost our tree from last year, and had to get a new one. We are still really confused about how we lost the tree. Ce la vie. I am sure we will find it when we finally do leave, one day, hopefully a ways away.


So, that's what we've been up to!
And hopefully soon I can share with you some more Taiwan adventuring! 


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