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Monday, January 25, 2016

the lavender cottage & route 126

My scoot to the Lavender Cottage by Mingde Reservoir was hands down my favorite scoot adventure to date. It was also the scoot that made me decide that I just have to get a GoPro. Because I was with three other girls, there was no way I was going to stop every single time I wanted to take a picture of the picturesque highway or beautiful river valley or green, jagged mountain tops.

And I am terribly sad I don't have any pictures or video of those things.

It's okay though because hopefully in the next few weeks I will find my way back to Route 126.

The final destination of our scoot adventure was a lavender cottage. Truthfully, the only reason this was our destination was because it very clearly said in English on Google Maps "Lavender Cottage". Everything else was in Chinese.

I was really surprised by just how cute the cottage was! From what I can tell based on its website, the cottage was opened by two girls who share a love of coffee, travel and "simple, rustic life". Actually, it sounds like these girls and I have a lot in common! And I just loved their farm. Everything was cute, but just in a cute way, not in an OTT way. The gift shop was to die for, and I cannot wait to go back and clear the shelves of all bath salts!

To see more photos from our scoot adventure to the cottage, click here.
A lavender festival just started last weekend at the cottage, and I hope to be back in the next few weeks with the husband, who lets me pull over as many times as I want to snap photos!

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