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Saturday, February 13, 2016

biking taipei

I love Taiwan's YouBikes. YouBikes are these cute orange & yellow rental bikes, which are conveniently located all over Taipei and other cities (now including mine) in Taiwan. Using an Easy Card, which can be bought at MRT stations, you can check out the bike in one place and return it at any other YouBike location. 

We rode for more than an hour and our ride cost 20 NTD, which is 61 cents in USD. 

We picked up our YouBikes in Xindian, the last MRT stop on the green line, and followed the river all the way into the city. The bike path, although congested, was mostly flat and very enjoyable.  

And my bike only fell over once, so I consider that a huge victory! 

I cannot wait to head back to Taipei to explore other bike trails! 

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  1. We have the same bikes here in Vilniud. It is a great service!

    1. I love these bikes! We are going on anther biking adventure with a friend next, next weekend. I hope I get a sturdy bike that doesn't fall over every time I use the kickstand :)