Thursday, February 4, 2016

the purfect plan for a rainy Taipei day: a cat cafe

We recently spent two nights in Taipei, and for most of our stay, it misted, sprinkled or poured. The rain certainly did not stop us from moseying around, but we definitely had to head indoors every once in a while to warm up and dry off (although my shoes were soaked the entire time we were in the city-- they turned an entirely different color!). 

During our time in the capital, we went to our first ever cat cafe. And from now on, any time there is even a hint of rain, I will hightail it to a cat cafe.

Cat cafes are certainly not rarities in Taipei. Or Taiwan, for that matter. I just learned some very exciting news: there is a cat cafe on the route we take out of Hsinchu and into the mountains on our scoot adventures. From now on, I am thinking that a visit to the local cat cafe will be the purfect way to end every single scoot adventure! 
The cat cafe we went to is called Cafe & Cats 1998. It is perfectly situated right next to the Zhishan MRT station, which is the station we use to visit a few of our friends who live in Taipei. I was super happy when we walked in the door because I discovered that Cafe & Cats is a bit of a misnomer. Really, the shop should be called Cafe & Cats & Dogs! I seriously almost cried because I was so happy there were two happy, rambunctious, big dogs I could play with.

I don't know what the rules are for cat cafes, but I think it goes without saying that these are legitimate businesses, so it would be incredibly rude to go in, play with the animals and then leave without buying anything. Just be careful and don't turn your back on your food or drink for too long; that is how I lost my water to this thirsty cat.  
Cat cafes are catching on all over the world, and I totally get why. I am an animal lover, almost to the point of being a crazy person. We had to re-home our two precious cats before moving to Taipei, and for me, that is just a hole that will always remain in my heart. 

Getting to spend an hour with these felines and pups made my face hurt from all of the genuine smiling that occurred, especially since I no longer have my own fuzzballs to hang out with at home. 
If you are interested in learning more about Taipei's cat cafes, click here


  1. A cat cafe?! How neat! I need a dog cafe. ;)

  2. Oh my goodness I wouldn't even need a rainy day to visit this place. Such cute kitties! We're not allowed pets in our house which makes me really sad. So I think this would be the perfect solution! I wish there were one near me :(

    1. That is sad! A cat cafe sounds like a perfect solution!