Monday, March 7, 2016

paper memories

My husband and I like to keep a clean and cozy apartment. A few weekends ago, I was dusting our shelves and realized that we did not have a single photograph of my husband's family. We have quite a few of mine because over the years my mother has tucked small frames into our care packages.

I also realized we had no pictures of our wedding or much of our 12 years together.

My husband's birthday was last Friday, and I decided that on top of the total gym and memory foam mattress we imported for his birthday, I was also going to get some pictures printed to make home feel even homier.

In the end, I settled with the company Square Snaps. When I realized how cheap it would be to not only print the photos but have them shipped too, I ended up ordering 200 prints.

They came on his birthday, and this weekend we had fun finding ways to display them.

Right after I put in my order, I worried about what the quality of the prints would be. I have only been using a nice camera for the past few years, and many of the photos I ordered were from nearly a decade ago-- definitely before I invested in my Canon EOS M. However, there were only a few prints that I didn't like due to poor image quality.

In fact, we ended up with so many wonderful prints, we didn't know what to do with all of them!

So far, we have created eight wall displays. I made five of them-- the basic ones that only required glue dots. My husband made beautiful wooden racks to hang the pictures from. My only complaint is the ones we hung are already starting to curl. To stop this, my husband laminated them (one teacher bonus is free access to a laminator). You can't even tell and they look great and hang normally now.

Now we have pictures of our families, beloved pets and our many misadventures. We have our favorite wedding photo and photos of our favorite places and people.

Eating breakfast this morning, I very much enjoyed staring at a wall covered in people, place, animals and memories I adore!


  1. Those displays are all awesome! I did something similar for Christmas this year with a daily calendar with one photo a day. It's a pretty awesome way for me and my fiancé to reminisce about all of the awesome adventures we've shared!

    1. Thanks!!! My husband helped a lot by making sure everything was straight :) A calendar sounds like a great idea too!