Monday, April 4, 2016

a scoot adventure in Kenting, Taiwan

Kenting is Taiwan's southernmost town. It is known for its tropical beaches and national park. Somehow, I managed to live in Taiwan for 3.5 years before making it there. That all changed this weekend! Due to two back-to-back national holidays, tomb sweeping day and children's day, we had a four day weekend. Saturday morning, we caught a very early HSR train to Zuoying and then caught a 2-hour bus ride to Kenting. 

The very first thing we did upon arrival (well, after getting chocolate shaved ice and mango shaved ice) was rent scooters. All of us have scooters in Hsinchu, and we were eager to get some wheels to explore Kenting. Our guest house helped us find a place to rent scooters. Just down the street from the house, a kind elderly man rented out 20 or so scooters as a side hustle. Our guest house owners were amazing and helped us navigate the language barrier. In the end, we ended up with two bubble gum pink electric scooters. 

After getting our adorable scooters, we putted off down the road and into downtown Kenting. As we didn't actually stay in Kenting, our drive took us along the coast. This weekend happened to be Spring Scream, a famous musical festival. Kenting Street was bursting with people and tunes. It was so much fun! We stopped to buy some flip flops, beach towels and tank tops. Then, we just got lost. We putted all over: along the coast, up into the mountains and down any road that beckoned. 

We pulled over to sink our toes into the sand and the Pacific Ocean. We did some off roading with our scooters. We trekked down to the southernmost tip of Taiwan to watch the sunset. I know I rave about my scooter all of the time, but I just cannot express how amazing it feels to get a little lost on a moped. 

Kenting is pretty spread out regardless, and without a set of wheels or a hired taxi it would be difficult to see everything. Unless, I guess, everything on your itinerary is the one crowded beach parallel to Kenting Street. However, that would be so disappointing! Up into the hills and across the tip of the island, the best beaches are beautiful and mostly deserted! 

Stay tuned for more Kenting! 

I have so much to share, like our adventures spelunking in the national park and a full recap of my attempt to surf (lets just say it wasn't a huge success and I have photos that will definitely make you laugh)! 

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