Friday, September 2, 2016

biking Taipei, part II

When my friend came to visit in July, we headed to Taipei to explore the capital on bikes. With our EasyCards, we rented two Youbikes from the Xindian MRT station. While I had done this ride before, I never rode the entire length of the riverfront.

And I guess I still haven't.
Not quite, but close.

Honestly, I've ridden bikes before in Taipei city. Riding on the congested sidewalks and having to watch for cars, buses, scooters, and other traffic is not my idea of a good time. What makes this ride special is the bike & pedestrian path that literally spans the entire length of the riverfront (well, except for the short detour past some kind of dump-looking place).

We rode for at least an hour. We passed baseball pitches where little league games were happening. We passed parks where markets were set up. We passed official graffiti walls. We passed by so many families out for a stroll, and we were passed by so many serious & intense bike rides. We rode past neighborhoods and wetlands and temples.

We kept looking at maps posted every so often to see how far we'd gone. The only reason we didn't finish the bike path? We were hungry and we knew we had Burger & Co. to look forward to! And it's a great thing we stopped biking when we did-- by the time we emerged from the bowels of the MRT to walk a few blocks to B&C, an intense thunderstorm had overtaken Taipei along with quite a deluge!


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