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Sunday, October 30, 2016

a Pacific Northwest road trip, part VI: Port Townsend & Fort Flagler

For the last installment of my Pacific Northwest road trip through Washington State, I would like to highlight my old stomping ground. Both of these places are a slight detour on the way to the Pacific Ocean, and in my opinion, both are totally worth the extra driving time.

Port Townsend is the first destination. I've certainly written about Port Townsend before. We lived in this adorable hamlet for three years, and we are still totally smitten with it. However, in all honesty, I would recommend this town for a fall, summer, or spring getaway; it's not the most exciting place in the dead of winter.

Port Townsend has everything you want in a small town: charm, beauty, good food, and funky culture. It's mainly a maritime town, and there certainly is a salty dog feel to the place.

Our favorite thing to do while visiting is hike along North Beach to the light house, and then indulge in some good food downtown along Water Street. Our favorites are 1-2-3 Thai or Waterfront Pizza.

We were so lucky this summer because we saw multiple bald eagles while in Port Townsend. They were endangered until 2007, and while their numbers are increasing, it is still rare and wondrous to see one up close in person!
On the way out of Port Townsend is Fort Flagler. Washington State has a lot of WWII era military forts that have since been re-purposed or abandoned. Fort Flagler is one such place. It has old, spooky bunkers that are a lot of fun to explore. 

More importantly, it has great overnight camping right on the sound. There are plenty of green fields of grass to fly a kite on or play Frisbee on. Here, we were lucky to see even more bald eagles nesting in the tall trees. 

Some of the best sunsets I have ever seen were from Fort Flagler, and this summer sure didn't disappoint. This would be a great place to stop for the night on your way to the Pacific Ocean!
Stay tuned for another Pacific Northwest road trip series,
but up next the destination is Oregon! 

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  1. I love Port Townsend, too! Living in Seattle makes it so easy to explore our beautiful state. :)