Sunday, January 29, 2017

the year of the rooster

Happy New Year!

Yesterday, we decided to go on a bit of an adventure to ring in the lunar new year, which is a big deal here in Taiwan & Asia. We picked up our coffees (mine now decaf to hopefully lower my high blood pressure), and scooted to the local train station downtown. We've been there many, many times, but always to either pick up or drop off friends. When we take the train, we always hop on the high speed rail because it is fast, convenient, and pretty dang cheap. 

But yesterday, we thought going slow and doing something we had never done before sounded wonderful. 

When we got to the local train station, we didn't know how to read the route map or where exactly we wanted to end up. We thought about Neiwan, a nearby mountain village, or Keelung, a far away coastal one, but in the end, we decided on Taipei for our destination because burgers from our favorite burger joint in the capital sounded awesome for lunch, so we bought two tickets and boarded the first northbound train that arrived. 

Three hours later, we finally pulled into the ever familiar Taipei Main Station, which is also the station the high speed rail services. Normally, our trip from Hsinchu to Taipei only takes 30 minutes on the HSR. It was so much fun and oddly relaxing to take the three hour journey instead and see a new side of Taiwan from the window of our train car. 

Our railway adventure felt a lot like the time we spent last spring exploring Japan on its local, slow trains, which we just had a blast doing! 

After living in Taiwan for four years now, it's easy to feel like we've seen it all (or close to it at least), so I love these little reminders that Taiwan has so many secrets left for us to discover. 

And really good burgers too. 
While on the train, we thought about our hopes & desires for the year of the rooster.

We hope that my pregnancy continues to be healthy and smooth.
We hope for little miss Ruby to come into the world healthy and happy.
We hope for our loved ones to have many opportunities to spend time with her.
We hope for sanity and tolerance to return to our home country of America.
We hope for continued peace and stability for our beloved adopted home of Taiwan.

The year of the rooster will certainly be one of the most memorable of our lives, and we are excited to see what it has in store for us! 


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