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Saturday, April 7, 2018

hiking the bitou cape trail

Every time we visited Longdong, I would see a staircase leading up into the mountains as our bus or taxi drove along the the coast of northern Taiwan on Highway 2. Every time, I wanted to stop and discover where those steps would take me. Yesterday, I finally got to find out. 

Lately, we have been doing our best to accomplish all of the things we said we would do one day because we have less than three months left in Taiwan (which, honestly, I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around). We have rented a lot of cars over a lot weekends to do our exploring. We have visited many beaches that I will blog about soon, and we each have our Lists of Lasts, and on mine was hiking the Bitou Cape Trail. 

Bitou is a teeny, tiny fishing hamlet on the northern coast of Taiwan. It is known for its beautiful cape and great hiking trails. While there are three trails to choose from, we chose to hike the Bitou Cape Trail because it is short, which matters a lot when you are hiking up an endless amount of stairs wearing a 20+ pound baby, a loop, and rumored to have the most epic views. 

We were not disappointed with our choice! 

Luckily, on the day we went, the temperature dropped 20 degrees Fahrenheit and the morning was rainy and blustery. That meant that this trail, which would normally be packed on a spring day, was much less busy than usual. We parked at the Bitou Elementary School and hiked the trail west to east. This was a much more pleasant hike because the trail entrance at the fishing harbor is much steeper than the one at the elementary school. 

Many pagodas dot the trail and offer spectacular views of wild undulating mountains, blue green ocean, and little towns here and there. We could even see the cliffs of Longdong where we spent so many sunny afternoons rock climbing and hiking!

These are my favorite kind of Taiwan days -- ones spent with the sea and the sky and the mountains-- and I sure will miss them more than I can explain after we move.  

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