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Thursday, April 12, 2018

taitung's forest & waterfront park

When we pulled into Taitung, a small town on Taiwan's southeastern coast, we were loving life. Our 3.5 hour drive from Hualien to Taitung through the East Rift Valley was everything I was hoping for-- stunningly beautiful and quiet.

In the end, Taitung was one of our favorite stops on our 9 day road trip. While we only stayed one night in this small, coastal town, we spent the whole afternoon and evening wandering the city's forest park and waterfront park, which connect via a network of trails. Paved (stroller friendly) trails snaked through the "woods", which is a term I use loosely coming from the Pacific Northwest, and eventually dumped us out along the shores of the Pacific Ocean right at sunset.

Bubu had so much fun frolicking through the bushes, and Ruby had so much fun feeling flowers and watching birds. I would definitely recommend that any visitor to Taiwan checks out the East Rift Valley and these two parks, which just beg for visitors to pack a picnic and spend a few hours relaxing!

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