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Friday, June 27, 2014

the chaos of leaving

On Tuesday, we are flying home for an eight week visit.

This whole week, my thoughts have been oscillating like crazy between my huge school-to-do-list, my huge packing-to-do-list, my huge leaving-Taiwan-to-do-list and my huge what-I-want-to-do-when-I-get-to-America to do list.

My poor mind has been a mess.
It bounces from list to list and thought to thought:

Finish grading finals.
Buy cockroach traps.
Would it be better to leave my scooter's gas tank empty or full over summer?
I wonder if Trader Joe's still carries the Tempting Trail Mix.
Ration toothpaste and toilet paper so we don't have to buy more before we leave.
Did my students turn in their registration for next year?
Clean out garbage and recycling cans.
I wonder how much gas is going to cost in the states now.
Pack rain jacket.
Buy charcoal to help keep apartment less humid. 
Write comments on student report cards.
Ask mom to get the Chicken Bacon Ranch stuffed pizza from Papa Murphy's for the night we arrive. 
Arrange ride to the airport.
Clean out desk in classroom.
I wonder if my favorite movie theater in Port Townsend will have How to Tame your Dragon 2.
Buy two months worth of birth control.
Clear out fridge and pantry.
Complete student awards.
Find passport and ARC. 
Double check grades. 
Do I even still know how to drive a car???

Basically, my mind is spazzing out.

I know that I will finish up school on Monday and get everything done and all will be fine.
I know that we will spend all weekend preparing our apartment and scooters for eight weeks of our absence and all will be fine.
And I know that come July 1, I will be in America and I will relearn how to drive a car and eat all of the foods that I love and see all of the people I miss and all will be fine.

But you try telling my brain that.

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  1. Haha, I know this feeling well. Logic can't win over the crazy brain. Best of luck getting through it and enjoy your long vacation!