Monday, August 18, 2014

confessions of a memento hoarder

I have a confession: I am a hoarder.
A hoarder of travel mementos.
If it's a train or plane or boat or bus ticket, a museum stub, a map, a brochure, a receipt even, then I keep it.
I even sometimes pocket pebbles from beaches or napkins from restaurants.

I know, I know.
That's weird.

But for some reason, I get attached to these tangible reminders of our adventures abroad.
But it also begs the question: what to do with all this stuff that is more than just stuff?
I mean that napkin?
That napkin was what the waiter wrote the address of my favorite Parisian museum on so we could show it to the taxi driver.

What a shame it would be for those mementos to just sit forgotten in a box in the depths of some closet.

Thus started my obsession with scrap booking.
And yes, it is an obsession.
I could spend hours + hours and days + days going through all of my prints and mementos trying to find the perfect way to tell their tales.

{And I have dropped a pretty penny on all of the ridiculously fun supplies one needs in order to scrap: funky scissors, pretty paper, double sided tape, stickers, punch outs, ribbons... I could go on and on}.

Scrap books are the perfect place to store mementos from trips and they tell a story as powerful as any blog I have come across.

My scrapbooks include postcards I sent to my family and train tickets.

They include metro maps and travelcards.

They include brochures of places we've been.

They include entrance tickets and tourist maps.

They include rail passes.

They include walking tour routes.

They include city maps hotel owners drew all over.

They include bus fares.

They include money and local postage.

They include island road maps and boat tickets.

They include luggage tags and receipts.

And sometimes they just include fun prints.

I have made four scrapbooks: two of Europe, one of Asia and one for my honeymoon.
All of these scrapbooks are years old.
I cannot tell you how much fun it was to look through these memories and see these mementos and remember these adventures.

I didn't bring any of my scraping stuff to Taiwan.
But now I am seriously wondering why.


  1. These are great ways to remember places! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your pages

  2. These are fantastic. I wish I had thought to do something like this.

    1. ... and I wish I brought my scrap book materials to Taiwan!

  3. I keep this stuff as well. I used to scrapbook but now I do digital books. I keep all of my tickets and such in my journal. So when I write about the day we had I attach the memento right on the page. Your scrapbook pages look amazing!

  4. I am also a major hoarder especially when it comes to traveling! I love scrapbooking but haven't done it for a while so I have a pile of things waiting to be used!

    1. I love pulling out my piles on a lazy weekend and spending the entire 48 hours scraping. My house is always such a mess when I do that!

  5. look at you! this is fantastic. i would love to do something like this but i dont have the patience to keep it up. yours looks so great!

    1. Thanks! I started scrap booking when I was in middle school and just never stopped. Although I have not scrapped since moving to Taiwan, I sure want to start up again!

  6. I'm right there with you on this. I make sure to pack a big A4 plastic envelope thing to keep all the paper crap I collect safe and unbent. I've done a few scrapbooks in the past but don't have anything with me to do them at the moment.

    1. Great idea! I have never brought along something to keep all the mementos safe. I usually find them shoved in pockets for days after we get back home.

  7. I have so many of these random bits of travel memories hanging around too. I collect them all with the intent of scrapbooking, but it just doesn't happen. I like digital scrapbooking though, but that doesn't solve the problem of all my ticket stubs, glossy brochures and random maps I have lurking around. Time for a craft project me thinks!

    1. I am always a huge fan of craft projects! I have not made a scrapbook since moving to Taiwan... two years ago. I have a huge pile of mementos that I need to do something with!

  8. If it's weird to keep these things then let's keep right on being weird! :-) I keep them all too and in the past *planned* to scrapbook them all but when there just didn't seem to be enough time to do it I changed my tactics. Now I get a little spiral ring book and take it with me on the trip along with a roll of scotch tape. This way I can tape them all in my little book along with writing down some notes and impressions as I go on my trip and when I come home they are all (or at least mostly) already corralled in my little books. I usually start the books before I even leave for the trip with copies of flight passes, trip itineraries and such. I've done this on several trips now and love flipping back through them to see all the neat little bits and bobs that represent each wonderful memory.

    1. I love, love, love your idea Stacey! Then you have little notebooks for all of your trips! Maybe I will try that with my upcoming trip to New Zealand!