Thursday, September 11, 2014

walking the streets of taiwan

One of my favorite things to do is stroll.
Taking a walk in Taiwan is always a memorable experience.
First, there is the scooter that almost runs you over.
Then, there are the blatant stares you get for being a foreigner.
But mostly it's the bizarre, meandering streets themselves that I enjoy the most.

Many streets in Taiwan are in various stages of decay.
The buildings look like stacked lego pieces.
Most are made of cement and nearly all are butt ugly...there really is no other way to put it.

It's odd because Taiwanese people themselves look so put together.
Beautiful outfits and intricate hair styles and the coolest accessories.
Sometimes I don't really get the contrast.

But as one coworker explained to me, it's not that Taiwanese people like ugly buildings, it's just an impossible feat to keep nice buildings due to the climate.

So why try?

In Taiwan's insane heat and humidity, it's completely forgivable for the buildings to look so dreadful.
I don't blame them.
After all, when I take a good look in the mirror after a day exposed to Taiwan's elements, I look pretty awful too.

And anyways, I kind of think all the ugly makes everything seem a little more interesting.
Don't you think?


  1. as I like to say: sometimes, Taiwan is so ugly it's beautiful. [and you had me cracking up over being exposed to Taiwan's elements... another truth.]

    1. Yes, the ugly can sometimes be beautiful. How strange.

  2. Very funny, yes, it is so ugly..I think also it's because they don't pay local taxes..Owners and occupiers don't have a legal duty to ensure regular cleaning of their house facade as you must do in is pretty sad..specially when it rains..

    1. Hmmm... I didn't know that. It seems like the new really tall buildings that are sprouting up for wealthier families are beautiful (and stay beautiful for a while) but the middle class/lower class apartments look a little worse for wear.

  3. Couldn't agree more about a bit of ugly making things more interesting. They are my favourite types of cities! More character!

    1. I agree. I think Bangkok is fascinating for this reason. Just like Taiwan.