Friday, September 19, 2014

welcomed interruptions

That right there is typhoon Fung Wong.
You will notice that it's going to slam into us over the weekend.
At first, I was a little mad about it.
You see, I had plans.
I was going to go on a scoot adventure up into the hillside to explore temples.
I was going to go to my favorite dumpling restaurant and stuff myself.
I was going to go to a movie and have a date night with my husband.
Of course, none of those things will happen because they all require going outside and that is a very foolish thing to do in the middle of a typhoon.
Then I got frustrated at its timing.
Taiwan has no such thing as snow days but it definitely has typhoon days.
Why couldn't it come one day later?
Then we would have a three-day weekend.
But after getting over my initial frustration, I started to think a typhoon weekend does not sound so bad after all.
For three weeks now I have been in go-go-go-go-go mode at school.
Fung Wong and the rain + wind it will bring gives me an excuse to do something I love to do: sit in my pajamas and read or watch bad TV or play cards with my guy.
So as it turns out this typhoon is nothing more than a welcome interruption.

(Note: Typhoons in Taiwan cause far less damage than in other SE Asian nations like the Philippines. We have lived through two, neither of which caused any loss of life here. So don't worry. I am not welcoming a typhoon at someone else's expense.)


  1. Good luck! I hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend. I could sure use one of those!

    1. Thanks! It is my goal to not change out of my pajamas!