Saturday, October 17, 2015

5 Finger Mountain

So I guess it's fair to say that I am obsessed with my weekend scoot adventures. But if you read this blog, then I am sure you already figured that out. After last weekend's daunting ride to the Sheipa National Park, this weekend's ride to 5 Finger Mountain was a piece of cake. 

One thing that I am growing to love about these scoot adventures? Every time I go somewhere new, I discover that I already kinda know the way. For example, last weekend, on the way to Sheipa, we passed the Rainbow Village I discovered years ago! This weekend, I laughed so hard because on the way to 5 Finger Mountain, we went right by the cold springs I have visited on multiple occasions, and even once looked up the winding road and asked: I wonder what's up there? Well, now I know. 

Despite my desire to see more and more, I have to hand it to myself: I have already seen and experienced a lot. I am so thankful for my adventurous husband who discovered so many of these places with me in our early years here, and now my scoot buddy who is helping me discover more and more every weekend (the poor husband is busy working himself to the bone, but such is the life of a first year teacher). Both my friend and I love our scooters so much, and we both love adventure. Neither one of us felt brave enough to go get lost in the hills on our own-- which, frankly, is probably for the best-- so finding each other and hanging out these past few weekends has been just perfect!!

Our adventure this weekend was certainly a journey-- I have to say that getting lost on my scooter in Taiwan has led me to some pretty bizarre places. Perched at the top of a steep hill in the mountains, at the literal end of a road, was a huge, ornate gate. This was a serious gate you guys. I wanted so badly to know what lay behind it, up in the woods, hidden behind a bend in the road. My best guess? A castle. Or, maybe not. But I am so curious!! 

We did make it to Five Finger Mountain eventually. At the top are a cluster of temples and trails, and because it's Taiwan, tour buses and people with little flags and matching t-shirts and loudspeakers. One thing I notice is that my friend and I are quite a spectacle, anywhere and everywhere we go on our scooters. I see such curiosity and confusion in the faces of locals and tourists. I can practically hear their questions: Who are you girls? Why are you here, on your scooter nonetheless? Where are you going? Where is your tour group? Where is your leader? Where are your matching t-shirts?!

Oh Taiwan, we just don't see eye-to-eye on certain matters. 
Like how to adventure. 

To avoid the crowds, we took a random trail head that looked neglected. It was washed out in certain areas and overgrown. But it had beautiful views from in between tall trees and intriguing shrines all along the trail. I had not planned on doing any hiking, so once again I found myself in my Toms trying to navigate a Taiwanese trail. I climbed under and over fallen trees and clambered up steep embankments. Brilliant light filtered in through the trees. 

Basically, it was awesome. 

Scooting back down the mountain, I once again felt so amazed and boggled and thankful that days like this are a part of my life. How strange that this girl from Washington State would end up in Taiwan, scooting down beautiful and foreign mountains roads with a no-longer stranger from New York. How wonderful that those two girls would spend an hour soaking their toes in a river and just chatting while enjoying the sound of the rushing water. 

I mean, really, how bizarre is that?
It is such an unlikely thing to happen, but happen it did.
And happen it does. 
Life is full of bizarre plot twists, and over the last four years I have certainly relished riding along the road of those bends and curves. 

One thing that is truer than ever? I am addicted to scooting, and where ever life may take me, scoot adventures will be a part of it. Although, I am thinking that maybe it is time to get a more powerful scooter-- that is also hot pink with a zebra print seat. 


  1. mini adventures like these are my favourite, although for me it's always my bike since I don't have a scooter :)

    1. Hahaha. I don't think I would want to ride my bike to the top of a mountain!