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Friday, October 30, 2015

so many rainbow villages!

Nearly two years ago, my husband and I decided to take our scooter far, far out of town. This was the very beginning of our scoot adventures. We were fed up with the city, so we turned down a road we had never driven before and kept driving until it ended in a three-way fork.

We took a right and ended up driving up into the mountains by accident.
We scooted and scooted until we found what I dubbed the rainbow village.

It was this bizarre, small town trapped in between the mountains and a valley. Strange and comedic murals adorned many of the brick homes, and we were enchanted. We even visited again. I knew rainbow villages were a thing in Taiwan because I had also heard of another more popular one in Taichung, a large city south of Hsinchu.

But, I still thought they were kinda rare.
Or special.

Imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago, I learned that they are not actually rare at all. They are all over Taiwan! I learned this on my way to Sheipa National Park. The route took us right past my rainbow village, and the road continued to climb high above the clouds and past many, many rainbow villages.

The entire route actually seemed to be dotted with an odd house here or there covered in bright, colorful, playful paintings, and sometimes rows and rows of rainbow houses too.

While I was able to dig up the story about my particular rainbow village, it doesn't really explain all of the others. From what I found online, my rainbow village was born from a deal made to solve a mosquito crisis. And I guess that kinda makes sense; right now, southern Taiwan is struggling with a Dengue Fever outbreak. It is a potentially lethal mosquito born illness. Years ago, my rainbow village was struggling with its own infestation.

The deal was simple: residents clean and maintain the surroundings, and those surroundings would be adorned with awesome murals. It really is such a fun place, but I still wonder about all those other rainbow houses and towns I passed on my way to the top of Sheipa.

On the way back home, we stopped at my village. After realizing that this village was more than just a random rainbow village, I had fun capturing scenes I opted to ignore the other times I visited.

The palms.
The canal.
The valley.

While this rainbow village is certainly a delightful rainbow village, there is a lot more to it that just those fun and strange paintings.

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  1. This looks really colorful and interesting.

  2. It's definitely a nice way to brighten up a road trip if you're passing through all these coloured villages!

    1. I agree! But it also is s hard because then you want to stop all of the time!