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Sunday, November 1, 2015

the joy of being lost

One of my favorite things to do is get lost.

Sometimes, I have this urge to go outside and walk.

And walk.
And walk.
And walk.
And walk.
And walk.
Just to see what's out there; just to know something I didn't know before.
Not to run from something or to something else.
For me, wandering is when I feel most alive.
It's when I feel most connected to this great, big world full of so many places and people and things.

But I find that it is hard to find people who also enjoy this sensation. The majority of people I know, as a matter of fact, dread being lost. In fact, they actively avoid it at all costs. And sometimes, I have a hard time understanding their need to always be in control or in the know or on track and according to plan.

I think this, at the end of the day, is why I never got a plan for that smartphone I bought.
Lostness is just too vital to the health of my soul.
I loathe the idea of having a map at my fingertips.
The very thought repulses my gypsy spirit.

I think this is one reason why I cherish my husband so much. That man will go anywhere with me. He doesn't need a phone. He doesn't need a map. He doesn't need a reason or a plan. His soul understands my soul, and together our souls wanderlust.
I think this is why the world calls out to me. It's not for the photos I can take or the collection of stamps in my passport or for the stories I can write on this blog. It's not about a vacation or a beach or the mountains or souvenirs or escapism.

It's because I feel most alive when I am lost and getting loster.

I have not found any better way to experience this world than to run head on into it with no expectations or plans.

And this is the kind of place I discover on my quest to get lost and have an adventure.

At the top of a mountain in Taiwan, there is this place hidden in the fog & rain. It is full of temples and dragons. It's bizarre and real and wonderful, and even if it makes no sense to anyone else, I feel more alive for having been there.

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  1. I love just wandering, the bf on the other hand is obsessed with his map. He will check it, even if 5 minutes previously we've decided what direction to go. I must admit, it does annoy me quite a bit, but at the same time, it's just him and I accept that - I just wish he'd chill out a little. Normally when we wander, or we are heading somewhere I'll say something like "what do you think, this way?" just as a I think this is right, or roughly the direction and he will instantly pull out his map on his phone.

    Reading this makes me want to tell him to stop it a little more. I miss just wandering and hoping for the best :)

    1. Yeah, that definitely isn't my style either. I have learned when I can compromise, and when I just need to say: you do your thing and I will do mine and we can meet up later.