Saturday, January 5, 2013

A post-it, a wrench, and a new water heater

The other day, Sean and I came home and found this on our front door.

It reads: "Hi. Call Min. If there is someone in the house, don't worry. He is not a bad guy."

We open the door, and voila, there is a man in our house.

He was installing a new water heater.

You see, we had not been getting any hot water for a few days.

Min is our awesome fix-it person.

When we are having a hard time navigating something in Taiwan, whether it be opening a bank account, making a doctor's appointment, or finding out how to fix the water heater, he's our go-to person.

So we were very thankful he jumped on getting us a new water heater, and very thankful he left this note on the door so we knew this poor man was not burglarizing our apartment.


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