Monday, January 28, 2013

Wind and sails and bliss

Sweet, small, perfect moments.

Railay is full of them.

Close your eyes and feel warm sunshine bathe your freckled face.

Listen closely and hear the soft rustle of palm trees in the tropical breeze.

Look up for the briefest of moments and see monkeys gliding through the trees.

Moon light peeking through the fluffy clouds.

Azure water lapping at the side of your boat, sea spray freshening your face.

The gentle rocking of  an anchored sailboat.

Drinking, laughing with friends by the deserted pool at night.

Lighting bright red paper lanterns and watching them float off through the dark sky.

Drinking coffee with your sailboat driver while everyone else climbs big rocks.

Meeting other travelers and sharing stories of months spent on the road.

It's these moments where life is the most perfect, most beautiful and I'm so thankful to be alive.


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