Thursday, January 24, 2013

Caves, kayaks, and morals

So we're not backpacking.

We're luxuriating.

What does that entail?

Well, it starts off with a resort and spa.


Then, it encompasses $30 meals and money to spare for shopping and flights.

It's way different from our norm, which usually looks like us staying in $10/ night guest houses and eating street food and taking overnight trains and buses to span long distances.

Both have their value.

I mean, I am here to relax for a short(ish) amount of time. I actually didn't come to see and do as much as possible. Truthfully, I've been waking up at 10 every day and have not been able to pull myself away from the pool before noon.

But one thing that has been bothering me on this trip is the complete and utter disconnect between my experience as a westerner in Railay versus the people who live, work, play, eat, and raise their families in Railay.

We may as well be experiencing two completely different worlds and I'm not sure how much I like that. I mean, part of what I love when it comes to backpacking is really getting into the daily grind of local life. I mean, when you sleep in their homes, eat their food, and take their buses, you get a real glimpse into what it means to be someone from that place.

Here, well, I'm sure loving the pool and the food doesn't suck either but I am looking forward to strapping on my backpack next week and heading north to Laos where I'm sure there won't be smooth sailing but the best adventures are always a wee bit choppy.

Until then, we've been having our own mini adventures beyond the beach and pool:


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