Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a New Year's Eve in Taipei

On a whim, we decided to spend New Year's Eve in Taipei. We had heard rumors about an amazing fireworks display at Taipei 101, so that is where we decided to go. The metro was a madhouse at 11p.m., and we could barely squeeze on for the short ride to 101 from Taipei Main Station.
We pushed and shoved (quite literally) our way to the front of 101. The crowd and TV crews were immense. We found a place to stand near the foot of the building and waited with the thousands of other people who showed up too. Then, the display of fireworks began.
The fireworks were spectacular and actually created a rhythm. We made it back to our funky hotel around 2a.m. after fighting and stampeding our way on to the MRT. Here is a video we took of the Taipei 101 fireworks. If you ever find yourself in Taiwan on New Year's Eve, this is not an experience you wold want to miss!


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